Part C to B
for CA Kids

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The Part C to B for California (CA) Kids (Workgroup) was established by Senate Bill (SB) 75, Chapter 51, Statutes of 2019, for the purpose of reviewing and evaluating the transition of three-year-old children with disabilities from regional centers (Part C programs) to local educational agencies (Part B programs). The Workgroup works in alignment with the requirements of SB 75, California Education Code section 56477 to improve health and educational equity for California’s public school students.

SB 75 required the California State Departments of Education and Developmental Services to form the Workgroup, which is tasked with identifying program requirements and support services needed to improve the state’s performance in meeting federal deadlines for transitioning three-year-old children from individualized family service plans administered by a regional center to individualized education programs administered by a local educational agency [EC 56477(b)(1)], and to implement best practices for regional centers and local educational agencies to ensure every three-year-old child receives an uninterrupted continuum of support services [EC 56477(b)(2)].

This workgroup will provide the chairs of the relevant policy committees and budget subcommittees of the Legislature and the Department of Finance with recommendations for specific changes needed to state regulations or statute, need for approval of amendments to state plans or federal waivers, changes to implementation of federal regulations, changes to state agency support and oversight, and associated staffing or funding needed to implement recommendations [EC 56477(c)].